Ghongha was founded 2015 in London, UK, with the mission to keep our earth beautiful by working against plastic pollution. Ghongha is the Hindi word for snail -  and our logo - (घोंघा) reminds us of butterflies and also represents the importance of caring for the environment while remaining grounded no matter what the situation. It's also our founders nickname :)

We believe that being properly hydrated throughout the day is an essential part of looking and feeling good. We find disposable plastic bottles nasty and it also pollutes and sickening our oceans and landfills. And not to forget our health! Ghongha was created to be an alternative for people that care for the environment but also thinks water taste better drinking from a beautifully designed glass bottle. 

Whether it’s yoga you’re into, perhaps an early morning power walk or that daily visit to the gym, you need to drink water. We use our Ghongha bottle everyday wherever we happen to be! It feels good knowing we are not adding to the growing pile of plastic bottles. We want to inspire you to feel as good as we do about it. 

Sometimes the things that happen in the world are beyond our control but this is something we can all do to really make a difference and drastically reduce the amount of waste plastic that pollutes our earth. This is something we are really passionate about and we think you should be as well!